Top 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

It’s Spring and the Sap is rising!

Spring is upon us so now is a good time to sort out your career. Where are you heading? Do you know? (don’t worry if you don’t as we can help with that). It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of changing your career or are just returning to the workplace. It could even be you’re quite happy with your present employer but need some guidance as to your next steps, especially in a large organisation with lots of different opportunities available.


Why Spring?

But why is Spring such a good time to look at your career anyway? Well, Spring is always seen as a time of renewal and vigour. The weather starts to improve and just look at what happens in our gardens and parks as new plants blossom, the trees regain their leaves and the world just seems like a better brighter place. So why not see this time of year as the perfect occasion to re-evaluate what you do everyday at work?

We’ve listed 10 excellent ways you can spring clean your career. Take a look and see which ones are relevant to you. Perhaps they all are. But even if not, Career Fancy can help support your career change, from whatever it is today to whatever career is going to motivate and inspire you in the future.


Top 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Top 10 ways to spring clean your career


  1. Take stock – what is holding you back – Here you need to take a long hard look at yourself. What is the issue work wise? Bored, underpaid and undervalued? Need a challenge that will reward you with what you deserve?
  1. Decide which career – It you’re thinking of changing your career have you decided which one to choose? This may seem like an obvious thing to do. But it stumps many people i.e. how to go about it. Career Fancy can help with this one. See later.
  1. What are your best and worst qualities – what are your best attributes and are they what employers want? And what are your areas for improvement – what things do you need to work on e.g. communication skills, motivation etc
  1. Brush up your qualifications and key skills – do you need English or Maths GCSE. It’s amazing just how many jobs and courses expect grade C as a minimum. Or how about better keyboard skills? So many roles these days require the ability to interact proficiently with technology. Are you?
  1. Look at your CV- does it need updating – Your CV is the window potential employers like what they see. Updating and good CV construction is key here.
  1. Review contacts & networking – If you broadly know the career you’re interested in, then you should reconnect with those already in that field and update and develop your LinkedIn page. Don’t forget to post on a regular basis leading up to any attempts at employment changes. If you’ve been quiet on LinkedIn for a long time there’ll be little to impress a potential employer.
  1. Look at your social media – Do you need to clean it up? Will some of your posts on Facebook and Instagram let you down? Don’t forget a potential employer will do a trawl through your social media profile, so be prepared!
  1. Interview – Does your interview performance let you down? All of us get nervous when it comes to a job interview. But for some nerves can be incredibly debilitating. There are coaches out there that can help with this.
  1. Your wardrobe – does it need a spring clean in its own right? Depending on your target career, will you need a new wardrobe?
  1. Work on your pitch – If you were asked in 10 seconds to describe why someone should employ you, what would you say? This is known as the ‘Elevator Pitch’ i.e. you have just a few moments as you ride up a lift with someone to get across why you need to be taken seriously. Maybe it should be called the ‘Lift Pitch’ in the UK!


So, what’s next for you?

For many people the next stage is deciding what career they actually want to do. What will be right for you. Is it doable? How much training will you need? Will you need to do further study? How about all the other responsibilities you may have – will they get in the way?

At Career Fancy we take all these different issues into account and build a career profile that is inspired and designed exclusively around you. It will all be done online without the need for face to face interviews or phone calls.

Try our free consultation service and see how Career Fancy can help you.

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