Top 10 Salaries in the UK 2020

Any of them appeal to you?

We’d all like to earn more, wouldn’t we? But how much do the top salaried careers in the UK earn? To give you a starting point, the average salary in the UK is £26,260 for a full-time role.

In fact, the average of the top 10 paid jobs in the country is £84,488 per year.

Also, the top 10 figures are just an illustration. Many experienced doctors and GPs earn considerably more than the salary stated in the list, as to will many chief executives, some chief economist, Barristers and directors generally.


Top 10 salaries in the UK 2020

list of top 10 salaries in the uk


Could you ever develop a top 10 career?

But does any of this really matter? To most of us probably no, but to the really driven out there, maybe.Let’s look at the list in a bit more detail. First of all, you probably think most if not all of these roles require education at degree level. But you’d be wrong! In fact, the only career on the top 10 list where a degree is absolutely essential is a doctor/GP. You don’t necessarily even need a degree to become a Chief Executive or an MP! And although Law is sitting just outside our top 10, there are other ways to become a Solicitor. For example, you can first become a Legal Executive and then undertake further training to become one eventually.


Education is often the key, but not always!

But before you all rush out to find a role as an Airline Pilot, there are of course caveats to what I’ve just stated above. The majority of those that go on to become one of these high flying highly paid roles will be a graduate, perhaps a postgrad or have an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). But the point is this level of education is not compulsory. For example, budding Airline Pilots can be taken on by an airline with just A Levels. They then work through the airline’s training scheme, which will ultimately allow them to gain their pilots’ licence. Others will work their way up through a company or organisation by showing a considerable flair for the industry they’ve entered. Eventually, they may make their way to the top, i.e. to director level. They make follow industry-related qualifications along the way, but it’s where they started from that is key here.

Others will start their own businesses and achieve a directorship that way. After all, if you’ve created a company from scratch and built it up into a multimillion-pound enterprise, who’s going to stop you from giving yourself the title Chief Executive?


What other attributes may you need

Lastly, maybe you just have the temperament for the job. Being an MP is a lot harder than perhaps it looks on the telly. Being away from home for extended periods, for example. Also, having to deal with constituents when you are home while constantly under the ever-present threat of being kicked out of office at the next election is not a role for everyone.

And being good at sales will also help for some of the roles mentioned. For example, if you are an outgoing person, the life and soul of the party, have a pretty thick skin and find it easy to pick yourself up and get going again when you’ve had a knockback, then sales could be right up your street (broker).


The right attitude is so important

So, what does this have to do with you? It’s the principle that is important here.  Although qualifications are essential (at least for some of the careers mentioned on the list), they are not the be-all and end-all. Although you may never get to the giddy heights of the kinds of salaries we’ve mentioned, if you have ambition, are prepared to work hard and take opportunities when they arise, there is no reason why you should not be able to improve your salary position from where you are now. Attitude is so important and should never be underestimated.


How can we help you?

But what to do? What career would suit you? Perhaps you want to stay in your current industry but am unsure of how to move up. Or maybe you don’t have a clue what career would suit you and don’t know where to start. Career Fancy can help by providing you with great career suggestions that are designed around you and your own unique circumstances and situation. See here how we can help. What career do you fancy?

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