Least affordable cities in the UK (and why it matters to your career)

What are the least affordable towns and cities in the UK?

Not everyone makes their career choice based on how much money they can make. For many it’s about the job itself or what we can put back into the community that’s important. But the problem is quite often such an approach, although well-meaning, can create issues for us if we also live in costly cities. Recently conducted research shows the least affordable cities in the UK to see where you should avoid (if you can, of course).

“Believe it or not, London isn’t the top city for unaffordability. It’s only third!!”


What’s the research?

A report by Move iQ which conducted the research used house price information from the Land Registry and salary information from the Office for National Statistics. The combined data was used to create an affordability chart for the largest 100 urban areas in the UK. And believe it or not, London isn’t the top city for unaffordability.

Here’s the list

  1. Cambridge
  2. Oxford
  3. London
  4. Winchester
  5. Brighton
  6. Chichester
  7. Watford
  8. Woking
  9. Guilford
  10. Crawley


How does it affect you?

So, what’s the issue? Just avoid living in these places right? Well. Not exactly. For one thing, there are many careers where it’s essential to work in London, e.g. Fashion. Although possible from elsewhere in the UK, it’s far more challenging to carve out some careers outside of the capital.

Also, what happens if you already live in one of the towns and cities named in the Top 10 list? What happens if it’s simply not possible for you to up sticks and move somewhere else?


So, what can you do about affordability?

So, what can you do about affordability? Well, you could look to change your career to something that pays better. So, for example, if you’re in Cambridge or Oxford, then a career in biosciences or technology might help. Or perhaps one of the roles that support these careers such as recruitment, estate agents, law or accountancy? Otherwise if you can move to a more affordable part of the country then this seems like a no brainer. Phil Spencer from Move iQ says “Homes in the north aren’t just cheaper, they are often more affordable. [but] If you would like to buy and can afford where you are, it’s worth investigating where your money will go further and buy you a better standard of living.”



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