From Coal to Coffee…

Sometimes, to develop a career you need to do your own thing. But what?

Stumped for a career local to where you are? Can’t just up sticks and move somewhere else? You’re not alone. Sometimes you just need to develop your own career by doing your own thing. But how do you decide what?

“Scott James had failed all his exams – and decided the future was in his own hands.”

A story on the BBC outlines how a young man from South Wales coal mining area decided to look to coffee to create his own future. But not just serving it locally but acting as a broker for further afield. So why is this story so important. Because as alluded to above, not everyone live in large towns and cities where opportunities abound. For many people in smaller urban areas and who are unable to move because of family or other ties, relocating is not an option.

Because of this starting up your own business is one of the only ways around this. Self-employment isn’t an easy option though. First you have to decide what it is you want to do. Secondly is there the market for product or service? If it’s an online business do you have decent broadband speeds or is your town/village in the internet speed slow lane?

So what help is there out there for those thinking of self-employment as an option. First try your local business support organisations such as local growth hubs. See more here. Also your local Chambers of Commerce will be able to direct you to suitable support and starting business courses.

Lastly, Career Fancy can help you decide the right career path for you. We can help you determine how your strengths, personal tastes and present circumstances all affect what would be the most appropriate career options for you. Visit our site to see more on how we can help. for the full story.

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