A Career Reality Disconnect – A Survey Based on 7,000 Young People

Have unrealistic career aspirations created a class of under achievers?

Many more young people want to work in art and culture, entertainment and sport than are jobs available, and have done the qualifications to prove it. But are they getting jobs? Are you in this position and now struggling to start your career?


“…..this [careers] disconnect means far too many are “destined for disappointment””


This BBC story outlines how too many young people are aspiring to enter into Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Sports based careers. Attractive as these areas may be, the numbers of jobs available is extremely limited. Research by the charity Education and Employers suggests five times as many 17- and 18-year-olds in the UK want to work in these areas as there are jobs available. As a consequence of this many of these young people will have gone on to study these areas in college and/or at university level, leaving them with qualifications for roles that simply aren’t there.

But does this mean they’ve wasted their time, or is there hope for them yet? The good news is all is not lost! Using the transferable skills developed from study e.g. analytical skills, investigative and research experience, organisational abilities, report writing and problem solving to name a few, it’s possible to refocus these skills to a different career.

So, what careers are we talking about? The same charity also outlined areas of work that were underrepresented in relation to the aspirations of the same cohort of 7,000 young people. These were accommodation, catering, whole/retail and care.

It’s difficult to fully understand why many of these areas are so low on the radar of many young people. Many of the roles in the more favoured career areas such as the Arts and Sport aren’t exactly well paid in most cases. Perhaps they’re seen as simply more glamourous?

Lastly, what should you do if you’re in the position mentioned above i.e. studied for a role where there are simply few if any jobs available. Career Fancy can help you decide your right career path. We can help you determine how your strengths, personal tastes and present circumstances can help you find the most appropriate career option for you. Visit our site to see more on how we can help.

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