About us

About Career Fancy

We’re a team of career professionals dedicated to finding solutions for those seeking a career – not just a job!

All the career profiles we build are overseen and checked by qualified careers practitioners or coaches. Many of our experienced team have spent several years working with adults across the private and public sectors. We have worked with clients who are;


A Career Changer

Have you been working in a career that’s run its course? Are you aching to find something else to rejuvenate and motivate you again?


Returning to work or facing redundancy

Is this you? You may have decided your previous career is now old hat and you want something different.



Are you stuck in a role you see going nowhere? There are jobs and there are careers. We think the latter will keep you far more engaged allowing you to develop and progress at work.


Working for a large organisation

Are you baffled by the opportunities available where you work? From accountancy to administration and legal to customer service. Which is right for you? (you’ll need to let us know if this situation applies to you).

Which one are you?


Not sure if Career Fancy is for you?

Find out by using our FREE Online consultation form. We’ll get back to you with a response on how Career Fancy can help you. See more here for more details.


Why use Career Fancy?

There’s a proliferation of online careers information and advice websites out there, all offering to find the right career for you. However, few if any of them take into account all the different factors and circumstances that can influence someone’s ultimate career choice.

At Career Fancy, we’ve developed the ‘Careers Quad’ process that considers:

  • Your own unique personal circumstances
  • Relevant key career interests
  • Your preferred work environment
  • What is important to you (to achieve positive wellbeing in the workplace)

From all this we’ll build an individual, personalised profile with career ideas designed exclusively around you.

Welcome to Career Fancy

5 Key Points of Career Fancy

Profiles are customised specifically to you.

We take into account your unique set of circumstances.

We are bold and creative in helping you obtain that ‘light bulb’ moment.

We aspire to keep it easy. In simplicity we trust!

We do the hard work to build career solutions unique to you.

Our Accreditations

Career Development Institute Institute of Counselling